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HPC Global seeks to bridge network and information gaps within the SME ecosystem thus enabling us to be positioned as a business knowledge trading node that is resilient, efficient, reliable and most importantly, SME-orientated.
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Bridge network and information gaps within the SME ecosystem.

HPC Global Sdn. Bhd. formerly known as Hyrax Petro Chemical now formally rebranded as HPC Global, with experience exceeding 30 years trading lubricants and transformer oil with a global presence in over 30 countries.

We aim to be positioned as the preferred business knowledge trading gateway between Malaysia and regional markets specifically the African Continent.

HPC Global enables, facilitates and drives regional expansions while garnering international recognition for Malaysian SMEs.

Our Values

Information Resilience   •   Efficient Delivery   •  Global Reach   •   Vigor & Professionalism
HPC Global aims to be positioned as the preferred business knowledge trading gateway between international trading partners.
To elevate Malaysian SMEs to greater heights, ensuring export quality preparedness, from the products & services being offered to the preparedness of company culture and operations.
Al Haj Habib Kagimu

Al Haj Habib Kagimu

Africa currently accounts for roughly 17% of the world’s population, however only accounts 3% of global GDP. These statistics are not only testament to the continent’s vast potential for development, but also highlights the tremendous opportunities ahead. Malaysian businesses, especially Malaysian SMEs hold great prospect in fulfilling this potential.
Being a member of the Commonwealth as well as having a culturally diverse demographic, Malaysia shares many similarities with many African Nations in this regard. Having these historical and demographic commonalities to a certain extent, grants Malaysian businesses a competitive edge over businesses from other regions, as these are crucial elements to help understand the African market as well as its behaviors and trends.
With a burgeoning number of intracontinental free trade agreements and interregional integration treaties such as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and the East African Community (EAC) treaty to name a few, Africa stands to become the biggest free trade area anywhere in the world. Therefore, having a market presence in one country in Africa almost instantaneously grants access to many others. Provided with the proper networks and channels, I believe Malaysian businesses can flourish tremendously in Africa.
An Honorary Consulate and Special Peace Envoy of East Africa, helming the role of an Honorary Consul of Malaysia to Uganda for over 16 years, Mr. Al Hajj Habib Kagimu has globally enabled the formation of numerous successful trading relationships and creating market opportunities by integrating international markets between the East African Region with the rest of the world.

Dato' Hazimah Zainuddin

Managing Director
At HPC Global, we have a strong desire to excel in all areas of our business. Each and every staff in our company plays his or her role and contributes to achieve a culture of excellence. The expertise of our team and their commitment to teamwork are key success drivers of HPC Global in a competitive business environment.
The strong desire for excellence also contributes to quality of the delivery of our services. The offerings of HPC Global follow a strict culture and strong practice of due diligence and careful planning to ensure that the needs of our clients are properly met and fulfilled.
Due to the quality of the services being offered at HPC Global as well as the dedication and commitment from the staff, we have established many strong business ties, networks, and connections abroad, with special emphasis being placed within the East African region due to its high growth market potential. With what HPC Global can offer, I urge Malaysian SMEs to seize this opportunity to explore with us the business opportunity prospects of penetrating the East African region by leveraging on the networks, strengths and advantages this company has to offer.
Founder and Managing Director of Hyrax Oil, she has 34 years of entrepreneurial experience in retail of lubricant oil. Apart from being at the helm of Hyrax Oil, Dato’ Hazimah has been on the Board of Directors of MATRADE for over 18 years. Furthermore, she also currently sits on the Board of Directors of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

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Financial Director

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